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SG Flowerhill QR Thunder Bay 5*M
LA 3 yrs- 89
Sire:  +*B GCH Quixote Merlot's Raphael
Dam:  Brookwood Jansen Lindy 4*M


Thunder Bay has turned out to be a lovely doe.  She has a very high strong attachment and lovely udder.  She has incredible dairy character.  She has made it to the USDA top 5% Elite Doe List as a first freshener and remains there as a 4 yr. old.   She is placing at the top of her class.   

2008- 1xBOB, 1xGCH, 1xRCH.



Flowerhill AT Victoria Violet

(twin to Veronica)

Sire: GCH Altrece Dandy Tucker

Dam: Amyr Daniel Vivian Victoria

We got two beautiful kids out of this breeding, Violet and Veronica.  Violet has a very well attached udder and stands on good feet and legs. 

2010- NFDGA - Best Udder Breed/Best Udder in Show







GCH Flowerhill AT VictoriaVeronica

Sire:  GCH Altrece Dandy Tucker

Dam: Amyr Daniel Vivian Victoria


Veronica is a very special doe.  She has an beautifully attached udder and excellent feet and legs. 


5xGCH, 4xBOB, 4xBDIS, and 2xBUIS WINS




Flowerhill AT Vancouver  89 VEEE- 2 yrs

Sire:  GCH Altrece Dandy Tucker

Dam:  Flowerhill QR

Vancouver is a very nice doe with a very well attached, productive udder.  She has always been one of our top producers in the herd.   We were very excited to get a doe out of her this year, Montreal.